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Introducing The Carrots!

date » 18-10-2017 15:33

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The Carrots are a group of 6 students from all different countries (Austria, Switzerland, United Arab Emirates, China, Lebanon, France, Russia) who met whilst studying and share a common interest in humanitarian projects and the work of charities.

We put our heads together, shared ideas and asked some questions:

- Who would donate funds to a simple association?
- No one !

Then we thought:

- What about giving our time and knowledge to those who need it the most ?

And thatís when it became obvious for us, that the one we wanted to help was Rafi & Friends.
We would be Rafiís carrots and help Rafi expand his story and raise awareness in the UK and all around the world...

We are so excited to welcome The Carrots as part of the team, and we look forward to updating you on news of events coming up!


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