Rafi le petit lapin réfugié !

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We are delighted to announce that Rafi the Refugee Rabbit has been translated into French by our good friends in Canada. The venture came about through serendipitous connections with like-minded people, and like so much of this project, it couldn't have happened without the generosity and volunteered time of people who care about sharing this universal story of kindness & tolerance.


18-01-2018 17:39

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rafi+friends are hosting an inspiring and interactive evening of photography, film, music, poetry, storytelling & refreshments at The Curtain Hotel, Shoreditch to raise awareness about our activities.

The event will take place on Thursday 22 March, 6 - 9 pm at The Curtain Hotel, Shoreditch:

45 Curtain Road
London EC2A 3PT

To find out more about the event and related programme, please email: hello@rafiandfriends.com

Rafi + Friends Hopes & Dreams Workshop in London

Rafi + Friends have been busy in London, working with the fabulous pupils and teachers at St Thomas's C.E. Primary School in Notting Hill to deliver a Hopes & Dreams workshop in celebration of World Kindness Day (Monday 30th November, 2017). We met an inspiring and creative group of young people with brilliant dreams for their future and a sensitivity towards those who are searching for a better life.

A big thank you to our volunteers The Carrot's and Sam for coming and helping out.

If you're a teacher and you want to find out more about our workshops - get in touch: hello@rafiandfriends.com

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date: 17-11-2017 14:15

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Rafi in Canada : Early Years Education

Rafi+Friends in Canada: our friend Louise has been working with students in early years education and teaching them about our simple message of kindness, tolerance and understanding, and how best to convey this to children in the classroom.

These amazing people will be educating the next generation of young Canadians and we are so proud that they will be taking Rafi with them! #rafiandfriends #goodluck #newgraduates

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date: 13-09-2018 15:46

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Rafi's Friends in Canada

Hello from Louise Duguay, Marie-Anne Beaudette and Sue Stewart. Louise is a writer, Marie-Anne is a performer and puppeteer and Sue is a translator. Together we have produced a French-language version of Rafiís story, Rafi le petit lapin réfugié. We live in the geographical centre of North America -- Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, one of the countryís major bilingual centres. The city has long given shelter to many New Canadians and, more recently, to many refugees. In fact, Marie-Anneís son and Louiseís grandchildren attend a Francophone school that welcomes refugees into an environment made up of more than 30 different cultures. Rafi not only has something to say to refugee children, but gives Canadian children an emotional tie to their newly-arrived friends. We are happy to be Rafiís special friends, and especially happy to carry his message to a new language group.

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date: 02-11-2017 11:48

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Introducing The Carrots!

The Carrots are a group of 6 students from all different countries (Austria, Switzerland, United Arab Emirates, China, Lebanon, France, Russia) who met whilst studying and share a common interest in humanitarian projects and the work of charities.

We put our heads together, shared ideas and asked some questions:

- Who would donate funds to a simple association?
- No one !

Then we thought:

- What about giving our time and knowledge to those who need it the most ?

And thatís when it became obvious for us, that the one we wanted to help was Rafi & Friends.
We would be Rafiís carrots and help Rafi expand his story and raise awareness in the UK and all around the world...

We are so excited to welcome The Carrots as part of the team, and we look forward to updating you on news of events coming up!

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date: 18-10-2017 15:33

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British Red Cross Awareness Weekend

'A truly wonderful weekend'

Rafi and Pauline were invited to the beautiful Island of Tresco as guests of Lucy and Robert Dorrien-Smith as part of the Red Cross Awareness Weekend.

Rafi and Pauline visited the children of the Tresco and Bryher School to host a Hopes & Dreams workshop, conducted by the Head Teacher Ms Gates and teacher Mr Wilson, with the help of Pauline Spearpoint and Lucy Dorrien-Smith.

rafi+friends gave each child their own Rafi Rabbit nightlight and story book to take home to share with their friends and family.

The warm and welcoming people of Tresco made this an especially memorable trip. We can't wait to return to Tresco!

Photographs of the children from Tresco Bryher School with their brilliant drawings from the Hopes & Dreams Workshop and the Hopes & Dreams Tree, made for us by Abbey Garden Curator Mike Nelhams - what an honour!

A host of events took place at the beautiful Abbey Garden over the weekend. Have a look at our facebook page to see more of the action @rafiandfriends

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date: 11-08-2017 08:50

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New Exhibition: The Children of Aleppo by Elena Givone

03-03-2017 15:13

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If you are in Milan over the next couple of weeks you are invited to visit this exhibition of new photographs by Elena Givone, taken whilst visiting Ritsona Refugee Camp, Greece in June 2016 with rafi+friends.

This is part of an on-going project by Elena and rafi+friends to document the hopes & dreams of young people around the world, focusing here on the Children of Aleppo.

This selection of images has been curated by Gigliola Foschi.

You are invited to the opening reception:

Wednesday 15 March 2017, 6.15pm
Galleria San Fedele
via Hoepli 3/A 20121 Milano

t: 02 86352233
e: sanfedelearte@sanfedele.net

For more information see Facebook: San Fedele Arte


Plans for 2017

03-03-2017 12:59

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rafi+friends will visit a refugee camp in Italy to distribute books and deliver a creative workshop for young people. We are considering several camps which are predominately helping refugees from Africa.
rafi+friends will publish a second book - Rafi Goes to School which tells a simple story about making new friends; featuring a giraffe called Gemma from Africa.
rafi+friends has been invited to deliver workshops in more primary schools in the UK, including: London, Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly and international trips to Austria, Switzerland and Italy.
rafi+friends will host a special event and exhibition in London to raise awareness for our project and showcase a collection of photographs taken by Elena Givone, along with film, poetry, storytelling, music and delicious Syrian food. More information coming soon...

February 2017

20-02-2017 18:12

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Itís been a busy start to the year and we are delighted to announce that rafi+friends is now officially a charitable fund under the auspices of Prism the Gift Fund, charity no. 1099682. This is GREAT news and it means you can support our projects directly via our funding page - this will enable us to publish and distribute more books and deliver workshops to more young people in the UK and in refugee camps as part of our Hopes & Dreams Project 2017.
This year, we aim to connect with more school children in the UK, as well as traumatised children in refugee camps in Europe and we need your help.

This is where you support will go: