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Rafi's Friends in Canada

date » 02-11-2017 11:48

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Hello from Louise Duguay, Marie-Anne Beaudette and Sue Stewart. Louise is a writer, Marie-Anne is a performer and puppeteer and Sue is a translator. Together we have produced a French-language version of Rafiís story, Rafi le petit lapin réfugié. We live in the geographical centre of North America -- Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, one of the countryís major bilingual centres. The city has long given shelter to many New Canadians and, more recently, to many refugees. In fact, Marie-Anneís son and Louiseís grandchildren attend a Francophone school that welcomes refugees into an environment made up of more than 30 different cultures. Rafi not only has something to say to refugee children, but gives Canadian children an emotional tie to their newly-arrived friends. We are happy to be Rafiís special friends, and especially happy to carry his message to a new language group.


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